Practice Essays

Practice Essays are the core of the BarGraders service. We provide model answers for each question and our former California Bar Exam Graders grade your practice exams from an insider's perspective on how to write outstanding answers. Our patent pending technology allows you to practice under real test conditions and to track your performance on a subject-by-subject basis.
  • Insider Feedback from Former Bar Graders — Rather than learning that you've merely passed or failed a given question, our former Bar Graders give you constructive feedback to help you refine and improve your essay writing skills.
  • Web-based: Practice Anywhere, Anytime — There's no need to spend time traveling between bar review courses. Login, take an exam, get feedback, improve your score.
  • Grading Within 72 Hours — After you have taken a practice test on, you will be notified within 72 hours with your results. For those requiring a faster turn-around time, we offer a 24 hour expedited grading option for our Essay Success Packages
  • Performance Tracking Technology — BarGraders provides informative graphs that track your progress across all subjects as well as your IRAC strengths and weaknesses on a per subject basis.
  • Simulated Test Conditions — BarGraders provides a 1 hour timed environment for each practice exam to help you prepare for the challenges of exam day, where you only get 3 hours to answer 3 questions. With more examinees typing the essays for speed and legibility, BarGraders provides you the perfect environment to practice typing essays.